Lucy film facts with my comments

Would just like to thank Pop up trailers for making this video.
The clip is in the link below and I must say it has a lot of interesting facts so watch it!

I would just like to discuss my favourite film fact which that Angelina Jolie was almost cast as the main. It wouldn't have been a complete disappointment, but Scarlet Johansson is equally as good. After seeing Scarlet Johansson as a kickass role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier I wanted to see her more in these roles.
Angelina Jolie would have been goo in this and seeing her past films she really does suit the role however... Scarlet Johansson is better. Glad we are getting her chance to be in this film. Want too see more action films out of her!

Let me know what you guys think about the film in the comments below, also what was your favourite film fact?

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