Man Of Steel Review (Spoilers)

(By the way I saw this in the cinema a while back so I don't really remember everything, I tried my best though).


Summary of plot

A young Kryptonian named Clark is living in secret amongst humans however an unwelcome threat from Krypton arrives to invade Earth.


Comments on the film

The cast were picked very very well. Amy Adams especially stuck out from the rest, being the first film I have seen her in  was really impressed. The evil girl (Foara-UL) was also very well casted, really made the character her own.

This film was very well put together. From the CGI to the sound effects, all of these plus watching this in Imax made it an awesome event. Loud but awesome!

(Comments with spoilers)
Clark didn't use all of his abilities, for example he didn't use the strong breath thing or X-ray vision. Maybe these make an appearance in the new Batman, Superman film (which I am also very exited about).  

One thing which was odd and kind of didn't make sense was that it took Clark years to master his abilities in Earths atmosphere however for Zod and Foara it took minutes. I get that they know how to control their powers as they are strong however wouldn't it take effect?
Also, how are the evil people still alive? I don't think they were given food when they were in that prison place?

So the evil people are really strong, especially because they are Kryptonian. However to kill Zod Clark snapped his neck? The amount of punches and fighting they done, a simple breaking of the neck killed them? what is this? A Jason Stathum film?

What I Thought Of The Film

Overall I enjoyed the film. Great remake, always liked the super man characters. It even made me watch Smallville (all 10 seasons). I mean the action was a bit long, especially the end part in grand central station. It seemed very unnecessary and a drag on for the film. At least he wore his underwear under the superman suit this time.  

Overall I Give Man Of Steel a 7.8 / 10 (the drag kind of ruined it)

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