Mini Rant About "Bad Techer"

So bad teacher, good or not? That is probably the most common question asked amongst friends. I think this is because it had a very distinctive target audience which was men.
Personally, I found the humour to be very
sexually based which I did not have a problem with however I noticed that many women did. (not being sexist, just a general observation).

I mean the trailer did make this film look completely different from what we actually watched. I also think the assumption of that "it was in a school so how dirty can it really be?" played a part in it. The trailer made this film look funny but not in a dirty way so the production team were partly to blame for that. (however I get the fact that they had to clean it up to actually air it on TV).

One thing which I felt a lot of people were disappointed with was some of the characters. I mean the cast for tis film were pretty awesome. I mean I know the cast can only do so much and the acting was great. ITs just he fact that I don't think they really utilised the cast as much as they could have. For example Justin Timberlake's character was a bit of a wimp, it was done like that to be key to the plot I just felt they wasted his acting abilities a bit.

Overall I would give bad Teacher a 6.8 / 10. I enjoyed it however I expected much more.

I think Bad Teacher Deserves a detention for the sexual language used. ;-)

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