New The Amazig Spiderman 2 clip and breakdown

(Again, I know this came out a few days ago but better late then never) 

This promo / clip is very sad because it indicated that they are sticking with the comics and killing off Gwen Stacey. (RIP). The writers of the film are keeping very quiet about whether they are actually going to kill her off or just tease everyone. Revolving around the clock tower and her falling (in the blue coat) is how she dies in the comics so....... sorry guys.
BUT! Remember this could just all be a lie. (However the whole point of this remake is that they are being more comically accurate so... doesn't look good)

We also see the Green Goblin. Yes, that's right it is in fact the green goblin. We get too see him flying around on his board and being all scary and stuff. However when every it seems to be him vs spider man, the green goblin appears to get his ass kicked.

We also see Rhino getting mashed by a man hole cover however this scene is small which is also an indication of his part in the film as it is said he is only getting around a four minute appearance. For al of you Rhino fans, don't worry, there is still hope because he may be in the new confirmed sinister six films. (Basically the avengers but villains).

Finally we only see a small part involving electro (which is weird because he is the main villain of the film) and in this scene he is destroying times square. he is angry that police shoot him, blah blah. What ever. According to all of the sources he is a really good villain in the film so cant wait.

Tell me what you guys think in in the comments below. Do you think there will be a villain overload? What do you think about Gwen Stacies death? What Goblin would you have preferred to be in this film?
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