New Transporers: Ago Of Extinction Promo with breakdown

(Again I know this came out a few days ago but better late then never)

This promo is basically a shortened version of the trailer. We get the basic premise that the humans no longer want the transformers on Earth and are hunting them down. However a new enemy causes them to come out of hiding and  defend Earth.

We get too see Optimus prime who looks like he has been on a diet because he looks skinny. I think they have done this to make the Dino Bots (villains in this film) look even bigger so optimums prime will have more of a challenge defending Earth so in fact when he does it shows that he is the ultimate robot. (you know, basic movie stuff).  

We also see how Mark Wahlberg and his family fit into this film. By accident. Nothing else really to say. They basically electrocuted Optimus prime and brought him back to life, I am confused about why Optimus prime needed bringing back to life or if he was in fact just in hiding.

Another point which is confusing is that if the autobots are being hunted down does that mean that the no killing humans rule is still in play? I only bring this up because in the promo you see optimus prime shooting at the evil government people. (I think they are being hunted because the humans either fear them, no longer need them plus they are refusing to share their weaponry).

Tell me what you guys think in the comments below. Do you think the humans were right to hut own the auto bots in fear? What do you guys think will happen in this film? Is the challenge facing the auto bots too much? Do you think the Audobots should just leave the Dino Bots to it? After all they are being hunted.

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