New x-men: Days of future past clip and breakdown

(This came out two days ago so you may have seen it already, I was unable to blog until now. Better late then never :) )

So this clip involves most of the mutants who are still alive in the future setting of the film (minus magneto, storm and professor X). Both good and bad, it does not matter any more as they all must work together in order to survive. Working together is greatly demonstrated in this clip and I must say gets me eve more hyped for this film (didn't know that was even possible).
You see Iceman skating which he was unable to do in previous films. This could be because he is now considered a level 5 mutant on the scale mentioned in last stand. (For those of you who do not know the scale, he is classed as the same level as magneto).

We also see Colossus getting into his armour mode. In this clip we do not actually get to see him destroying any sentinels by well... Ripping them with his bare hands. However in other trailers we do get to see him facing off with a sentinel.
Shadow cat (My favourite) is among the others in this trailer and we do get to see he phasing herself and Bishop through multiple shelf things (Great shortcut). They so however charge straight into a sentinel however I am sure it all works out (because she is in the other promos and is the one who this film revolves around as she sends Wolverine back in time).
SIDE NOTE: In he comics is was in fact shadow cat who travelled back in time, not wolverine. Guess the fans like wolverine more. I would have preferred shadow cat because she is awesome (plus its Ellen Page!) but that's just me.

We get too see new mutants for example blink, quick silver, Bishop and Sunspot.

Sunspot is part of the x-men team. he basically, absorbs the suns energy and uses it to combust into flames and fires flames. Similar to Pyro but just more. The only problem is that he requires the suns energy so in a post Apocalypse scene such as the one we are presented with it begs the question, will he really be able to work?

We see a lot of blink in this clip and her mainly opening portals to save a lot of time. She also has a power to use purple blade things which I hope are present in this film. It is clear however that she is pretty important in the mutants survival.

We also see Bishop who is able to absorb energy and use it against others. We see this by him absorbing some energy from sunspot and using it to power up his gun (Interesting).

The final mutant we see in this scene was confusing. At first I thought he was quick silver who is very fast however after research I have concluded that it is war path. He is basically really strong which comes in handy when fighting a sentinel. According to comics, one of his clap could cause such strong air pressure that a sentinel could collapse. Again, supporting that it is Warpath, he is carrying something really heavy so we don't actually see him fighting however the implications are all there.

So yep, that is all I have to say.
Post your comments in the comments below. Are you exited about this film? Which mutants would you have preferred to see?
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