New X-men: Days Of future Past Trailer With Breakdown

There is now a new X-men: days of future past Trailer (#3). (Link below)

The overall point of this trailer is to show wolverines mission, the others have mainly been based in the future however this one focuses mainly on the early X-men. (Or the X-men when they were younger). So this one mainly is focused around the x-men: Last Stand cast however adding one or two new mutants.

One thing that we get too see in this trailer is the original sentinels. They are huge, robot like creatures (which to be honest is what I first envisioned when I heard about this plot) however we do get too see them develop in to the hunters which they are today. however not to underestimate them when they were in their original form, they still look lethal. We see a sentinel taking down Colossus and iceman which cannot be good or the X-men of the future.
One new thing that this trailer informed us of is that the sentinels first hunted humans however then they started attacking everyone (mutants included).

Why this happened is still a mystery however I have the strong feeling that it is mystique's fault. This is because in the comics it was her fault that the sentinel program started, she killed the scientist who created the program however by doing this she actually triggered al of the sentinels to start. Maybe the program wasn't ready or something? I am not sure. All I do know is that the plot has changed from humans hunting mutants to a terminator like story. (Sentinels / machines taking over).

Another key part of this trailer is that we get too see wolverine using his BONE claws. For those of you who have not seen the last Wolverine movie, the aluminium surrounding his claws were extracted by some old guy.
One question that I have is does the Wolverine of the last stand Era ever enter this film? I only bring this up because although it is time travel, the old one should still be around that time. Also, in one of the previous trailers we see a wolverine vs wolverine fight (but to be fair this could have been Mystique, wouldn't have been the first time she turned into wolverine).

I have noticed a slight continuity issue however am not sure about it. The films are in the order of First class - Wolverine - days of future past which fair enough, the plot fits in to this. However in this trailer I have noticed two continuity issues. (I am sure they will all be explained however am currently confused). These are that Hank is not blue and in some scenes magneto is standing up.
In First class we saw Hank turn blue (into beast) after he tried to change his physical features using Mystiques DNA. However later in the trailer we see him being all blue. As far as I am aware this is not a reversible process so...
We also see Charles standing up however not moving around so fair enough, he may still be able to stand but... am not sure about that point.

One positive pint about this trailer is that they finally introduce Quick Silver. (For those of you who saw the post credit scene for captain America the winter soldier we see him and his twin sister in a cell, this is set in the future so there are no issues there). There have been some controversy over the fact Quick silver is not in the traditional jumpsuit with the lightning bolt HOWEVER in the new captain America it is shown that he does (in the behind the scene shots) so its all cool.

Another quick question, did all of the mutants  part ways after x-men: First class? They all seem to be getting on with their own lives.

Jumping back to the future we get to see storm using her powers which was not really scene before, we only get a conspiracy worthy shot of her dyeing (not nor dyeing).
We also get too see Bishop using his Gun (Which was powered by Sunspot).
One thing which they again missed out was Rogue, I am really interested too see if she has her powers.

Ok, I have covered this before so I am going to make this brief.
So magneto has his powers back, either that shows he is strong or the cure doesn't last. Which means everyone who has the cure would have their powers. Rogue has featured in one trailer when she is being broken out of a facility. During this she is wearing gloves which she wore when she had her powers. Also in IMDB She is listed with her official name and under Rogue so, does she have her powers? I Vote Yes.

If you want more x-men days of future past clip with breakdown you can check out the yesterday clip

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