News About Rogue's part in X-men Days Of Future Past and my comments

New information has been released about Rogues part in the upcoming x-men film, whether you like it or not is personal preference. The link below contains information released about the new film however I am choosing to discuss rogues part. (feel free to watch)

It has been released that her part in the film may

be minor or even non-existent. This is due to
her scenes being cut. In one of the first trailers released we actually saw a scene with rogue which looked like she was being broken out of some sort of facility. However it is known that even when this trailer was released (one of the first) the final editing of the film was not finished. It was even before they added the CGI for Colossus.

SIDE NOTE: This explains why she has not appeared in any more trailers even though she is listed as being in the film on IMDB.

It is said that the sub-plot has been removed. Obviously we will not find out what this is or if we do, it will be well after the film is released. I suspect that this plot was about how she still had her powers. (she was wearing gloves in the trailer she appeared in which indicated she still had her powers even after the cure). Personally, I would love this to be a side story and it also explains how magneto still has his powers (If he doesn't then I don't see how he would still be alive or even why he is wearing the cape). If this was the sub plot then it will either explain the cure not lasting or just that Magneto has his powers because he is level 5 mutant.

Personally I want to see more of Rogue, I didn't really like her in the previous films because she couldn't really do much and just complained but I just couldn't hate her.

So guys (and girls), what do you think? are you happy to hear that there not be much rogue? Would you even like her to make more appearances in future x-men films?

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