News about stand alone film from X-men

Great news that they are releasing more stand alone films compared to the bog standard wolverine films. Don't get me wrong, they are great however they are getting a little old. Around the time when they made Wolverine origins and we were promised more however they stopped the  stand alone films. Great to hear that they are bringing them back. So from this clip it appears that mystique and gambit getting their own films. I am glad about that. Mystique has always been one of my favourites and gambit looks pretty cool, especially in x-men origins: Wolverine. One question though, In -men: First class it showed mystique as a child and she was basically with Charles so wouldn't her story just Mystique and Charles growing up together? Charles would be keeping her in check, you know making sure she doesn't get in t trouble so... wouldn't it be a bit boring?
So guys (and girls) who who would you like to see as their own stand alone films. Ellen page with shadow cat? (One of my favourites), even Cyclopes? Do you think a stand alone film is even a good idea? Let me know in the comments below.
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