Paranormal activity: The Marked Ones Small Review (Spoilers)

Summary Of Plot

Another instalment to this franchise which follows Jesse who is experiencing paranormal occurrences (activities) around him.

Main Cast

Andrew Jacobs (Jesse) is a recent graduate and has his whole life ahead of him. All is going well until strange / unexplainable occurrences happen around him. (Sound Familiar?)

Jeorge Diaz (Hector) is Jesse's best friend and has been since they were children. Hector and his other friend Marisol stick by Jesse through these strange occurrences, even though they do not know how to stop them.   


Overall Feeling Of This Film

I really enjoyed this film. I do not particularly enjoy horror films but I did not feel my self drifting off during this one. There was quiet a bit of humour in this film for example the grandma with the shake weight and the dog well... being the bog. I must say that this film did not really scare me however I cannot help but feel like they done this on purpose. This is because towards the end I had my guard completely dropped then BAM! s**t hit the fan.

Overall I Give Paranormal Activity A 6.9 / 10, it was just, another paranormal activity.

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