Rant On People Ranting About Batman Casting

So we all know that Ben Affleck is going to be the new Batman because Christian Bale stepped down. I mean fair enough right? no! People are still ranting about what a bad idea it is and how much they liked Christian bale so I thought I would do some research about it and make everyone realise it is not all bad.

First, I thought I would start off with the reason behind him Christian Bale stepping down. To sum the reasoning up, there were a few contract issues (but this was not the problem), the real reason for a recast was that Batman in the "Batman vs Superman" film will be a rebooted Batman. When there is a reboot it usually means a new cast.

So this leads me to question, why is everyone freaking out? It is because they will miss Christian Bale or they just don't like Ben Affleck? Personally I don't really care who plays the character as long as Batman continues however some people just seem really sceptical, like they fear he will not live up to Christian bale.

Just look guys (and girls), we will not know what he is like until the film comes out (or at least the trailer) so we just need to have faith that the casting gods have made a good choice.
Regardless of what you think of the character, recasting has usually been a good thing. For example:

  • Superman - that got re-casted a heck of a lot and it seems like everyone is happy with Henry Cavil.
  • Hulk went through around 3 actors (personally I was happy with the actor from the second remake but hey ho) and now it is Mark Ruffalo who seems permanent. That also ended up being a good casting choice.
  • Catwoman which did not need re-casting did with Anne Hathaway and I must say that was probably the best decision in the whole of DC because she was EPIC! 
  • Shadow Cat form x-men was also re-casted a lot. She was actually re-casted around 3 times before they stuck with Ellen Page (who I also think is awesome!). People may not have noticed but the character Shadow Cat (or Kitty, what ever name you prefer) was in X-men (one) and X2.
Anyway, those are my thoughts, what do you think about the recasting? any recasting which you didn't like? Let me know in the comments below, also do not forget to subscribe in the subscription box.

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