Something I Would Recommend (Cybergeddon)

Cybergeddon is a web mini series, now I know what some people may think. Low budget and random cast. But this stereotype really is not fair about web mini-serieses.
Now I have to be completely honest, the only reason I actually found out about this was because the main character was played by Missy Peregrym (she's cool). But that is not really important, the fact of the matter is that cast does not matter (although this film did have a pretty good set), as long as the story line is good I am in.
Apart from a tiny bit of dodgy CGI, Cybergeddon was a really good including some great action. The episodes were short, overall around one and a half hours long. If you watch it in a row, it is pretty much a film.

I don't want to give too much away so click on the link below, check out the plot and if it sounds like something you will like then watch it. You wont regret it.

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