The Amazing Spiderman 2 (Mega + Wafle review) (Both spoiler and non-spoiler, I'll explain in the review)

Ok, so this if a new film, it only came out 2 days ago therefore people reading this may not have read it BUT some have. So I am going to slip this into sections. Section 1 will be the review (no spoilers). Section 2 will be things I noticed about the film (spoilers). Section 3 will be about the post credit scene (Spoilers). Section 4 will be a bonus section (not really any spoilers).
Also, I tried to include everything about the film, I as unable to take notes because... well... they don't just let you whip your phone out in the middle of the cinema. 

1 (No Spoilers)

Summary of plot
Peter Parker Aka Spiderman faces his most challenging enemy whilst also facing challenges understanding about his past and the mystery surrounding his parents.  
Overall feeling of the film
At first glance this film was really good, it had a great cast and a great story. The CGI was also mind-blowingly good, with the electro and the destruction this film honestly, nailed it. This film also had a lot of slow motion shots which were also good, considering they were mostly CGO however I felt it was just a tad overused. One negative is that for a 2 hour 15 minute film, it felt short. I think this was because of the action. I just felt that the action scenes were short, I know they had to because they had three villains in the film however, personally, I would not have minded sitting in the screen for another half an hour if it meant more screen time of action. This meant that characters like the green goblin and rhino didn't really get a chance to be in it much (although this is because electro was the main villain, which I thought should have also gotten more screen time).


Overall I Give The Amazing Spiderman 2 a 8.2 / 10

2 (Spoilers)

Ok, so I tried to avoid talking about the villains in the first section (it didn't really work but ho hay). This is because I just felt like they tried cramming too many. It wasn't necessarily an overload I would have just proffered to see more action. For example, electro, I feel like they killed his off way to early and easily. Also the green goblin, he was killed just like that, it didn't even seem like a challenge. However I get this is because there is a sinister 6 film coming up which also explains rhinos lack of screen time. (I hope the goblin comes back in the sinister 6 film because he was under used).

One thing which confused me was the green goblin. We were assured in the trailers that the goblin in this film was infect the green goblin (there are around 10+ different ones). However in the comics, the green gobin was played by Norman Osborn (the father) not Harry (the son). In this film it was played by Harry Osborn. The whole point in this remake was to be more like the comic so I am just questioning why?

I have a question. So Norman Osborne had the lizard hand, does this mean he took the Serum that Dr Connors took in the first one to turn him into this? I also mention this because once Harry took the serum (spider venom) he also became more like a lizard.

One thing that I did enjoy about this film were the little teasers we got for the sinister 6 film. One definite teaser we got were the Doctor Oc claws, we saw these many times through out the film in Oscorp. Also when Harry opened the drive that his dad gave him and it opened all of those Japanese documents, they in fact contained films such as venom (the character) which is relevant because we now know he is getting his own film.

Another question I have is that doesn't Aunt May know that he is Spiderman? I thought that she clicked in number one when he came home all battered with the eggs but apparently she doesn't know? (As indicated by this film).

Few small points to mention:
  • I liked Falesha, she was cool, kinda wanted her to get a chance at being a villain.
  • There were a lot of cliché moments for example the Spiderman ring tone and the evil doctor guy listening to classical music whilst researching electro. (There were more). (all in good humour)
  • The joke about peter turning the washing red and blue was hilarious.
  • Electro was exactly like coal from a game called infamous (power wise)
Now this paragraph will be very sad. I think we can all agree that the death of Gwen Stacy was horrible. With the breaking of her back when Spiderman tried to save her brought a tear to everyone's eyes (Technically Spiderman killed her). Personally, I knew this was going to happen because it is exactly how it happened in the comics, the blue coat, the clock tower. when I saw this in the film I was like noooooo! Especially because this remake is being more according to the comic so, it wasn't good. It was like them killing of Gisel in fast and the furious 6, no one wanted that to happen at all. Just because it didn't fit into the story.






3 (not really spoiling the film at all)

This section is for the post credit scene. Before I go on any more I must mention it was a contracted thing which I will explain in a link to a YouTube clip. So after sitting through the WHOLE credits the scene finally came on and it was a x-men: days of future past clip. don't get me wrong, it was god, it showed toad, ink and mystique (also another who I don't know). But as good as it was the post credit scene should have been Spiderman, or at least having two. One the x-men promo and one for Spiderman. (clip below explains why)

4 (not really any spoilers)

This final section will be all about Mary Jane. Since number one we knew that (or I did anyway) that according to the comics, Mary Jane would appear in the amazing Spiderman 3. Now to do this they have to kill off Gwen Stacy (watch the amazing Spiderman 2). Now for the amazing Spiderman 2 they actually filmed a scene with Mary Jane in it as a small teaser however this scene was cut. Do not worry, she will definitely be in the next film and the actress will be the same (Tris from Divergent).

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