The machine review (Spoilers)

Summary of plot

A time where a war with China is imminent, a team must create intelligent computers which can then be used as weapons. After many failed attempts they must try and create a self-aware computer. (Never a good idea! don't they watch other SCI FI films!) 

Things to note
Ciati Lotz plays Eva and then eventually "The Machine" or as I know her as "Sara Launce / Black Canery". I must say that she really stood out in this film, apart from her work in "Arrow" I have not really seen her anywhere else but I must say that she really stood out in this film. She far exceeded my expectations, adapted to the role amazingly, I was really impressed by her acting. Great casting choice. 

At first glance this film looked really unique however after a bit of time it was really obvious that this was kind of terminator rip off. I mean the plot is slightly different and I don't specifically think they meant to do this however it just seemed like a terminator prequel. 
probably not purpose

One thing that I noticed is that the main guy is unnecessarily foul language wise. Nothing wrong with this however I am just saying this is very unnecessary. He is the only one that does it though so its not a big deal. 

Another thing to note is that when they were creating the "machine" they played really old Scifi music. Kinda of star wars like music. Again, nothing wrong with this but its just a bit random. 

What I Thought Of The Machine 

I actually enjoyed this film. Once you get past the whole terminator likeness and the kind of unnecessary plot it is not a bad film. This film was a good length, wasn't too short and it didn't drag on. The ending was kind of random, it just seemed like they didn't really achieve anything. Eva wasn't a real person and the daughter he wanted to reproduce as a robot wasn't really a person so it didn't seem like they achieved anything. 

Overall I Give The Machine A 7.7 / 10. It was enjoyable, not great but wasn't bad so... yep.

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