The Prestige (2006) Quick Review (Spoilers) ... not so quick

Summary of plot

Two armature magicians who start off as partners however soon become enemies during a tragic accident. After many years of sabotage one becomes obsessed with taking down his fallow magician.

Main cast: (This film had a great cast but I really cant be asked to write a full bio for each so ill just abbreviate)

Hugh Jackman ie Wolverine playas Magician one called Robert
Christian Bale ie Ex Batman plays magician two called Alphred
Micheal Cain ie Alphred plays the trick creator called Cutter
Piper Perabo ie Annie Walker (Covert Affairs) plays the first magician assistant called Julia
Rebecca Hall ie that one who's name I cant remember from iron man 3 plays Allred's wife called Sarah
Scarlett Johansson ie black widow / Natasha Romanoff plays the second magicians assistant called Olivia

Things to note
Christian Bale is called Alphred in this film however Cutter is not called Alphred. Weird how batman has his assistants name

This film has a huge resemblance to Now you see me and for some reason Red Lights

The accents were kinda weird. I know they were all trying to be English and everything because it was set in London (YAY!) however I feel that Christian Bales accent was just a bit too fake.

Overall what I thought of the film

I did really like this film. I saw the plot and the cast list and thought that  I must watch it and I was not disappointed. The film was a bit long, I felt that they could have cut out a lot of the useless dramatic parts (long silences).
I did feel that the twist was top notch. Being an identical twin, I did suspect that was the twist however the way that they delivered it was just outstanding.

One thing that people may be confused about is why did Hugh Jackman kill himself (or his clone). I can think of two reasons. One is that he wanted to kill his clone so there is not two of him running around, that's why he didn't want Alphred back stage. The second point is a bonus is that he managed to get Alphred arrested for a murder he didn't commit.
Overall I Give The Prestige a 8.1 / 10

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