The Raid Redemption Review (not really any spoilers)

Summary of plot

An elite police unit attempt to take down a drug lord. To do this they must invade his apartment and make their way past all of its occupiers.

Main cast

Iko Uwais (Rama) is a the head police officer of the unit assigned to take down the drug lord. Trained and lethal, he will do anything it takes to protect his town by getting his man.

Yayan Ruhian (mad dog) is the right hand man to the drug lord, he is the brains of the operation however should not be underestimated due to his unbelievable skills.


Random Things to note

This film is originally in Mylasian however should be dubbed, when I watched it the film it was Dubbed in English so... Didn't really bother me that they were originally speaking another language.

This film really reminded me of Judge Dredd (remake). This is because of the whole apartment system and one announcement saying that there are intruders leading to them being hunted.

The way the people living in the apartment went after the police was like a zombie movie. Just aimlessly running up to them and hoping for he best.


Overall what I thought of the film

I thought this film was really good. After watching the trailer for the second one I thought that i must watch this ne and I really am not disappointed. The length of the film was perfect and the action was outstanding. 

Overall I Give The Raid 8.3 / 10

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