Venom and Sinister 6 release information

New information about the sinister 6 and venom film, it will come sooner then we think. We all assumed that the slot reserved for 2016 would be for the new Spiderman however it is for either the sinister 6 film or venom. Personally I would like too see sinister 6, you know a new super hero film. Gotta love  anew super hero film. Plus its a villain film so a new concept, would be great.
As much as we like Spiderman, I would like something new. However it could be venom which I am also exited about. It is said that the venom film would be more like an "I hate Spiderman" compared to a "I want to destroy the world" type film.

Tell me what you think in the comments below, are you exited about this film? which film would you prefer too see in the 2016 slot?
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