What I thought of the paranormal activity franchise so far (Spoilers)

Paranormal Activity as a franchise has not really been taken serious. I guess people do not like seeing it through a hand held camera (which seems to be correct because Chronicle was filmed like that and that also did not get a very good response). People also often complain about the fact you do not actually see anything however I feel that this is what makes this such a great franchise.  In my opinion they are really good at build up suspense which is what this whole horror is based on, this is what I like so much about the film.

Number one is  by far my favourite paranormal activity. I felt that the characters were the most likeable and the plot was strongest in this one. Obviously the plot was not completely clear in this film due to them wanting to make more but I really did not mind this. Also I enjoyed the fact that they made alternate endings, as pointless as they were.

I'm going to throw number two and number three in one paragraph because I felt they were kind of duds. Don't get me wrong, key for the plot and they won't necessarily bad, they just didn't really stand out. These two just didn't seem as important as the other three (although they were).

Number four was pretty good, I liked the whole separation from focusing on the haunted family, also the main characters were also likeable. Towards the end they retreated back to the original scariness however this was really good. I enjoyed the fact that they were subtly haunting, not just in your face for example making the main girl levitate. So cool.

The marked ones I have already done a small review which can be found in the link below.http://wafflereviews.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/paranormal-activity-marked-ones-small.html
What I particularly enjoyed  the in all of the films were the 'Easter eggs'  however in "the marked ones" they really explained a lot. They done a great job in making sure there were props to show that the films were connected, not just story wise.

WE FINALLY GET TO SEE WHAT HAPPENED TO MICHA! Finally! The first film left the big question of what happened to micha? What did Katy do to him? In "The narked ones" we finally get too see Micha brutally being stabbed by Katy, also we see a strange twist due to Jesse being the reason for Micha sounding like he was in a scuffle. I must say that my jaw was dropped at this point because of how cleverly this was done.  

One thing which these films all have in common is the stupidity of the characters. I get that they would not be thinking properly due to their friends / families being haunted however you do not mess with the spirits whether you believe in them or not. Its just ridicules, well they kind of all paid with their lives so... lesson learnt.

By the way if you guys are wondering why I keep typing out "the marked ones" instead of just writing 5, it is because there is another paranormal activity set to be released in October of this year and is called number 5 so... yh.

Look, as much as people do not like this franchise, it is clearly doing well otherwise their wouldn't be a parody made of it (scary movie 5) and they wouldn't be producing a 5th one.

Overall I think this is a good franchise and is actually around the only horror film that I will actually watch. What do you guys think? let me know in the comments below.
One more thing, where was toby in the marked ones?

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