What I thought of Thor 1 and 2 (Spoilers)

Thor 1 didn't actually appeal to me at first. I mean it looked cool but I just didn't think it really looked like a super hero film and then when I heard that many girls went to see it and came back happy I expected a twilight like film. I then realised that wait, its Thor, its who we red about, of course I am going to watch it. After watching it I loved it. I think the cast was great but I also think they portrayed Azgard very well. Don't get me wrong, for the first 20 minutes I questioned what I was watching from all of the gold CGI but once you embrace it, its pretty good. The action in this film was great, really showed potential (which is good because this film was really just an introduction to Thor). The avengers "Easter eggs" with Hawk eye and Colsen was also appreciated. Have to say, my favourite character was Darcy! Oh and Sif... I like Sif.

Thor 2 was really exiting. After seeing number one and Thor's plot develop in the Avengers I could not wait for another instalment. I must say that this film does not disappointed, in my opinion it was much better then the first one. No that the first one was bad, not at all it was great. One big bonus for me was that this film was in England, just don't think enough films are.
One thing which I thought was weird was the fact that the bad guys were the evil "elves". Like seriously? they really reminded me of the baddies from man of steel (Which I really don't know why I haven't reviewed yet). The death of Thor's mum was also sad, the mum was a coo. character.

One thing which is massive about this film was the questionable ending. Did Thor really kill his father, again? Think about it, he just sent Thor away and now he is free to rule over Azgard, as his fathers imitation of course.

Number 2 also had two post credit scenes, a bit weird, the first one made sense being Thor returning to Earth however it then went onto showing a monster coming to Earth. Guess we know what is going to happen in number 3 (kinda looks like the one in I am Number four which I also don't know why I haven't reviewed yet).  
The second one was with some weird, creepy guy who appeared to have been collecting artefact things. Guess it will some how be linked to the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.

(By the way, could have written more but I wanted to write more but I thought I would keep it  brief).

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