Why Fantastic Four Needed A Reboot (rant)

So the original Fantastic Four, personally I liked it however it is clear why some people did not (mainly a bit childish). One good thing about the original was the cast, they cast behind it was really good and they really made the characters their own but as pointed out in many films (such as American Hustle). The cast can only go so far, if there is not a good plot then the film will suck.

One thing which I think this film suffered on was the plot, now not necessarily in the first one because everything was new including the characters / villains however in the second one they just use the same villain. I mean fair enough Recycling, its very green and stuff however in films they need to be careful. Personally I did not think he was really a good villain in the first film so bringing him in in the second film wasn't good, it also seemed a bit redundant because it was completely unnecessary. All they done was really kill him because he got in the way, the villain didn't really do much so it just seemed like an unnecessary overload which  I think killed the sequel therefore franchise (in a way).

Going back to the point I mentioned at the beginning, it all just seemed a bit childish. Not necessarily when you are watching it but thinking back to it, the film could have done with being a bit darker. Not a "man of steel" darkness but just a bit more so we will get the feeling that the characters cant really win (although secretly we know they can).

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