Why I love Taxi (2004) Not Really Any Spoilers

Taxi (2004) is one of my favorite films and I wanted to share this with you guys and hopefully encourage you to witch it. (If you haven't seen it already) With a combination of a great cast and an awesome plot, this film cannot disappoint. 

One thing noticeable about this film is that it is a greatly bad film. For example at the beginning on the bike, it clearly isn't Queen Latifah but we choose to ignore it  because the scene is so awesome. Obviously the person in charge of casting should have done a better job to make the stunt person look like her but we are not complaining. 

One thing that you cannot take away from the film is the cars. AWESOME! The BMW 7 series was awesome, the whole wrap plot was a great idea. I loved how they changed it so much for example putting the "SE" alloys on it and the even removing the spoiler. Just a stroke of genius. 
Also the TAXI, how awesome was that? don't we all wish our cars could do that. One ting that i am confused about is tat when she first done it the car went on stilts however soon after she pressed it whilst driving and it still all changed??????? but I don't mind. Again a greatly bad point. ITS LIKE A TRANSFORMER!!!  

One thing that I greatly admire about this film is that they put forward a very good point. When Washburn went to get into his partners car he didn't just drive off. Personally I think this is great because it displays real life circumstances. Everyone sits differently when they drive therefore if you jump into a car you cannot just get in and drive away. Obviously when you drive an automatic it is different as its just driving a go kart but I still think this is a very important issue which this film answered greatly.  

By far my favorite over exaggerated scene is when when Washburn caused the pile up, its like were all the drivers high or something whilst driving? they could not see the pile up in front of them or????? The car which flew up, like. Another greatly bad point which is why I love this film. 

My favourite part of this film is the baddies. Who would have thought of making evil super model ninja women. So cool. And they were even smart enough to use run flats. Just AHHHHHHHH! SUCH A GOOD FILM!

Overall I Give Taxi a 9.6 / 10

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