Bad Neighbours Review (No spoilers)

Summery of plot:
A fraternity move in the house next to a couple and their child causing massive destruction. This sparks a bitter rivalry as the couple try their best to get rid of this new found problem.

What I thought of Bad Neighbours (or its also known as just Neighbours) 
This film was actually pretty brilliant, it is good to see a comedy like this since the cinemas have mainly been dominated by super hero action films such as Captain America, Spiderman and X-men (not that I am complaining). Bad Neighbours is not for the faint hearted due to the bad language, minor drug use and sexual references; however for those of you are like me and do not have a problem with any of this will really enjoy the film. There was no denying that everyone in the cinema screen loved the film as we all could not stop laughing.

Overall I Give bad Neighbours a 9.5 / 10 - Was nicely placed time wise that a comedy like this was need.

Just have to mention my favourite part of the film which was the Robert De Niro scene.

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