Beast in x-men days of future past

Many of you may be confused about beasts role in x-men: days of future past. Actually not necessarily his role but just if he will be blue or not because the trailers showed his both human and as the beast.
This was contradicting because in X-men: firs class he took an irreversible (or what seemed irreversible at the time) drug to give him human features (those which weren't such as his feet).

The movie clip below however shows him being able to transform, not necessarily on command though. maybe when he gets angry like the hulk. 

There was also speculation whether the future beast (the one on x1,x2 and x3) will actually appear because the actor who plays him was listed as "rumoured" on IMDB. It is not necessarily in the clip below however in other trailers Logan says to the young beast that he in fact does not make it to the future so I do not think we will get to see the original beast.

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Also, which beast do you prefer, old or young?


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