Born To Race Mega / Waffle Review (spoilers + non-spoilers)

Ok, you guys (and girls) should know how  roll by now. When I have a lot to say about a film I will split the review into section.
Section 1 will be the review with no spoilers
Section 2 will be all of the stuff I noticed which deserved commenting on.

1 (no spoilers)

Summary of plot

Danny is sent to live with his distant father after he has gotten into trouble one to many times. After loosing his sponsorship he must rebuild his reputation whilst starting whole new life.

Overall what I thought of born to race

I am a huge fan of anything drag racing / car related so I was exited for this film. Overall I am not disappointed, a few notable errors hear and there (don't worry, I commented not hem below) but overall a good film. One huge issue that this film had is that the plot was very loosely related to Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. but ho hey, it wasn't completely the same.

Overall I Give Born To Race a 7.7 / 10

2 (spoilers)

So on the topic of the film having severe echo's of Fast And Furious: Tokyo Drift.
The main character was sent to live with his father after too much street racing, speeding tickets and crashing his car (THE  SAME!)
Automatically falls out with the baddie who will be his greatest competitor. (THE SAME!) -to be honest this is pretty much with every thing though.
Likes the baddies girlfriend and inevitably end up with her (SAME!) - but again this is pretty much every film.

Ok, so in the long ass introduction scene we see cars drag racing in the background whilst the credits role, fair enough. However one car which stood out to be was a white Nissan Skline R35. If you look it blew severe black smoke during the intro credit scene. Anyone will know that block smoke blowing out of a car isn't a good thing, it wont necessarily mean the car is screwed but it means to calm down with the driving. Either it means a dodgy gear change or something blew in the car. This is a new car as well which makes it even worse. However soon after we see the same car drag racing without a care in the world, weird...

In this film there were multiple cus fights. (face offs). I get it, it is meant to set the scene and emphasise the characters hatred for each other however it just seemed a bit immature. Like they Killed it (not in a good way). This was especially emphasised when the parents started doing it.

Nos :-) I think we can all agree that a car film is not a good car film unless it has a nit of nitrous oxide in it. This gets my seal of approval :-)

So at the beginning we see the not so bad bad guy and the Danny facing off. Whilst debating whether to race or not Danny says "why don't I go home and get my slow car". I am sorry but the only other car that he has is the Subru. He called the Subru slow? I am actually Offended for the Subru.

The crash at the beginning of the film (which was key to the plot). I am sorry but it wasn't actually that much of a bad crash. (like be a man about it, did you see the one in fast and furious: Tokyo drift.  I don't know about you guys but as it is a car film I expected him to drive away and we have an epic chase scene. But no. And then he goes to his sponsors the next day ad they said "this is a disaster". Ok. No need to over react. Its not ideal but the crash wasn't that bad, it was mainly cosmetic, maybe a but of wheel damage. That's about it, no need to be melodramatic.

I don't know about you but I was laughing when the girl pulled up in the porche. "And its stick!" (or as we in England call it, Manual).

Now this is a shocker. Probably a first in car racing films. DANNY USED HIS INDICATORS! don't get me wrong, it was only once but it is still shocking. Promoting safe driving! Isn't that a sin in the film industry.

Now to talk about the easy made rivalry with Danny and Jake. to me, It just seemed a bit desperate, like they were trying their very hardest, at any pint in the film, to emphasise that they will not be friends. Just seemed needy.  

So I do not normally mention product placement but I have to say it was nicely done, and I am surprised more car films do not do it. They done this through their shoes so when they would change peddles and stuff. It did seem odd that they would go racing in those shoes but ho hey, its product placement.

NOTE! there is a second film and they have practically re-casted every one apart from the girlfriend.

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