Can a good cast save a poor plot? Mini rant.

Having a good cast can often be essential to a films success. For example the actor / actress may be the only reason for you going and watching the film.

However one thing is for sure, if your film has a poor plot however some great acting (good cast) then it may not be so bad. One example of this is American Hustle.

No matter what you think about the acting, the plot was poor and hard to follow. However did people moan? No (well not as much) because the quality of acting was so dam great.
I am not afraid to say that if it wasn't for the cast, I do not think that film would have been as successful as it was.

Another benefit of having a well known cast, is that people feel like they have an obligation to go and watch the film AND to like it. Again, this can be said about American Hustle.
You had such a variety of fans going to watch it, guys for Jenifer Lawrence and fan girls for Bradley Cooper. It is actually pretty Genius.

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