Did we miss out with X-men: Days of future past?

NOTE: You may not want to read this if you haven't seen x-men days of future past however there are not really any spoilers.

After watching X-men: Days of future past, one could not help but feeling
left out with the original X-men. In the review I also stated this because I felt there was a lack of action or at least footage with the future X-men which to be honest was pretty disappointing, they are really the characters we have grown to love and want too see kick ass (not saying that characters such as blink were not welcome because she was awesome).

One issue with this is the fact that I know there was more story to the future X-Men however it was redacted from the final cut. I do say redacted though because some of it was in the trailers which was pretty reckless of X-men.
This footage was illegibly a whole side story which involved Rogue, my predictions (form the footage in the trailer) was that the future X-men had to bust her out of a Sentinel facility which would have been great.

For those of you who have seen X-men: days of future past and have no idea what I am talking about I would recommend that you re watch the trailers as this will help elaborate my point.
I guess I just cant help but feel a bit disappointed. (wanted more Ellen Page)

Let us know what you think in the comments below, do you feel the same? which X-men do you prefer, future or younger? Also, do not forget to subscribe.

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