Do remakes always suck? (rant)

Have you ever walked out of the cinema after watching a remade film and thought the original was better? Happen a lot? most of the time? Yep!

This is because for a
film to have a remake, it means the original must have been so awesome and there s still money to be made from the story.
However the problem with this is that we create a schema (idea) of how good the original film is that nothing can live up to it. An example of this is Robocop. The new film was good (debatable but humour me), good acting along with some great CGI. However compared to the original it was shockingly bad. They also lowered the age rating so compared to the original, the action it did have seemed filtered so really. This film never had a fighting chance at living up to its predecessor.

However I do have a responsibility to look at both sides of the argument. I can see why sometimes a remake is good. An example of this is the incredible hulk. The first film was pretty poor, I had to suffer through it to watch the whole thing. However the remake was much better (the one with Edward Norton). If it wasn't for this the Hulk as a character may not have been so welcomed in the Avengers / future marvel films.

So to answer my original question of "do remakes always suck?".
75% of the time.
This is just one mans opinion, what do you think? do you have any examples of then they are good? Any examples of when they are bad?
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