How to make a good Sequal

We all have high hopes for sequels however it is no secret that we are often let-down. I gave compiles some top tips about how to make a good sequel.

Similar length

This may seem like a very odd point because we all know that a film cannot be good just biased on length, it is mainly about the plot. But you will be surprised how many people walk out of the cinema and say "the first one was so much longer" or "wow, they must have had a low budget because this barely had any footage".

Avoid having the same villain

One thing which I absolutely hate is when they bring back the same villain for a sequel. The only reason that they do this is because he sucked in the first movie and they want to give him a second chance. What they don't understand is that the idea of a villain is made within the first film so bringing him back will NOT change our minds. An example of this is with the two fantastic four movies, it just seemed redundant bringing back the same villain because he did no better in this then in the first film.

Have it loosely linked to the first film

Obviously a complete change in plot is essential because you don't want people thinking the film is just an extended post credit scene for the first film. However you cannot forget your roots. I mean look at Captain America The Winter Soldier. A completely different plot however the still had links to the first movie. (also to the other marvel films but that just because of the universe / franchise).

Introduce a new character or two but not a complete over hall of cast

When you watch a film you judge the characters, you make connections with them, often emphasise with them. When you think of the film these characters will appear within the schema. So when you make a sequel with a complete new cast it is like a blank slate -1 point. This is because these characters will be judged much more harshly to the originals. An example of this is G.I Joe: Retaliation.
If you want an over hall then save it for a third film or even have a time jump.

What do you guys (and girls) think? Have I covered everything? what are your rules for a remake? Comment what you think below and don't forget to subscribe.

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