Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit waffle review

When I started watching this film I had such high hopes for it due to success of the gaming franchise. I expected something fun and exiting with great action, what we got though was the complete opposite. 

The build up was typical for a spy movie, a person see's all of this destruction and vows to put a stop to it, fair enough. However mid way through the film I just found myself becoming disinterested, they tried to throw so much at you with a lack of information. In one scene Jack is at university, in the next he is in the military, then he is injured, then he is miraculously all better, then he becomes an analyst / spy. I understand the need to build up a character but please, please do it better.

One thing which I couldn't quiet figure out was Chris Pines acting. It just seemed like there was something wrong with him in this film, in a way kind of awkward. I understand if the character called for someone to act awkward however it just seemed a bit off.

This film had my pet peeve, something I absolutely hate, what is wrong with the film industry. This is when they speak a different language with no subtitles. It just leaves us frustrated, especially when their facial expressions give away nothing, is like smile or frown already!

Now the action, from the already successful gaming franchise we all assume "oh they know what they are doing, we are going to see some great action". However it all seemed a bit "meh". I mean yes there was action and yes it was nicely carried out however that's just it. The action scenes were extremely rare (which for an acting film is not good) and it just seemed a bit crappy (excuse my language). The action just didn't excite my as much as a action film should.
It did also seem a tad coincidental, for example "oh, there is a random ramp there which will help me get over my barrier" or "lets do a kind of drift now there is no cars IN THIS BLOODY CITY CENTRE!". Coincidences are needed, I get it, this film just seemed to over use them which ruined it for me.  

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)

This is one of those films which I just want to like however I cant, I really really can't, it was just a let down.

Overall I Give Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit a 5.5 / 10.

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