New Batmobile Teaser

When someone says batman, what is the first thing you think of? Bats? Catwoman? Alphred? Well I think of the bat mobile. Recent news which has got me very exited is a teaser for the new bat mobile. The full / uncovered image should be released some time soon and I just cant wait. As a huge fan of batman I just cant wait too see what they do with it.

From what I can tell they have reverted back to the old design however with some modern twists. I always loved the original bat mobile and to be honest was kind of saddened when they veered so far off of course with the bat mobile in the new batman franchise (batman begins ect...).
As cool as it was, you cant beat an original which is why I am glad to see some sense of originality back.

Don't get me wrong though, I love too see change,. I cant wait to see the new twists on the design and most importantly the weapons on it. Who knows, maybe it will have more then the bat bike shooting out of it.

So what Do you guys (and girls) think? do you like the new design, or at least what we could see of it? what cool customizations / weapons should they add?
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