Perception Of the X-men Films (rant)

The x-men films, we all love them right however there is one large question, is it super hero?

When every I watch a X-men film I really enjoy it, they are great however thinking back to them, they don't really seem to be a super hero like film. It just feels like mutants surviving rather then saving the world which is what a super hero film is meant to be. 

Even in X-men (the first one) when they were defending New York from Magnito, i didn't actually feel like they were protecting it, just defeating Magnito. I guess it doesn't have that essence of everything is going to be destroyed and they must stop it. 

You mainly get this feeling once you compare it to other Marvel super hero films because the others show the destruction and that the heroes are their last hope. It is mainly how they have been perceived by the directors and there is nothing wrong with that, I just don't see how they can call it a super hero film. It is more of a sci-fi action / Adventure. Especially in X-men 2 and last stand. The threat was too the mutants so its more of an action then a hero. I get the hero essence however I do not think its enough to call these films a super hero (even though the characters are super).

This however is al said to change in x-men: Days of future past which I am very exited about. It has been said that it is in fact "the best super hero movie of all time". The difference with this film is that I can see how it is a super hero film because they are trying to save humans as well as themselves. 

So that is what I think, what do you guys (or girls) think? bet us know in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe. 

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