The Amazing Spiderman 2 Not So Secret, Secret Post Credit Scene

So, the amazing spiderman 2's post credit scene. Many people were confused about the x-men related one. Well prepare to be even more mind blown because there was a second one which you may not have even known about!
After the film we heard the Alecia keys song "Its On Again". Apparently at that point viewers were supposed to whip out their phones (I know! Breaking the rules much), open the shazam app and shazam the song. This would have taken you to a secret post credit scene which teases vilians for the future amazing spiderman films. (maybe even sinister 6). Just note that none of the villians have actually been confirmed. The tease consists of masks and weapons being outlined by a cool green glow. FACT: Did you know, that you can just shazam the song right now (just youtube it) and it will infact take you to this secret post credit scene. The villains teased were:
  • Doc oc with his tentacle claw things
  • Rhino with his helmet
  • One of the Goblins (probably green) glider which appeared to be very weaponised
  • Raven with the stick thing weapon
  • Mysterio with the mask
  Please note: Like me, this may have appeared in the cinema screen without needing to shazam it, in some (like the one I went to) the not so secret post credit scene wasn't even a secret.

SHAZAM IT! (link below)

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