The Hurt Locker waffle Review (no spoilers)

The hurt locker is one of those films that you just need to watch, if you don't you feel like you are missing out. Why? Because it has won so many awards, the hype behind this film is just immense.

After watching the hurt locker I can say that it is no wonder why it has won so many awards. It just had all of the award winning elements such as it constantly being intense, similar to gravity. engaged all of the way. It also had a great cast behind it which meant the acting was great.

However there was one massive issue with the hurt locker, it was plot less. It was a film filled loads of sub plots however there was not one main one. It felt like a documentary.  
However it could be argued that when a film has that much action, who needs a plot? kind of like the expendables.

When this film finishes you don't really feel like you accomplished anything, you don't get that reassuring feeling that you can achieve greatness that you expect to get. But don't worry, after a while it sinks in about what a good film it really is.  

I give the hurt locker a 8.5 / 10. It is one of those films you cannot really hate.

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