Things to notice in X-Men: Days Of Future Past (Part 2 + Spoilers)

After seeing X-Men: Days Of Future Past for a second time in the cinemas it allowed me to look past the film and focus on the surroundings and here is a detailed description of what I noticed. (may not be that interesting but hey ho)(For my full review plus a few more things I noticed in the film, click on the link below).

The first noticeable point is right at the very beginning and is also in most of the trailers. This is the building with the massive hole in it which the camera pans through (I think its supposed to be the empire state building). When the camera is panning through, you a few sparks coming from loose rubble in the building, so electricity cause this right? However the whole city is in a massive black out so... It makes no sense, just there to look cool however if you look into it like me, doesn't make sense.

The second point that I did not notice the first time I saw the film was that some of the mutants were marked. Some of the mutants were marked with a M across their right eye. This was in the future and was noticeable on Bishop and ink (Ink being the one who was handcuffed, the camera paned past him showing the mutants and people in the prison. I am not really sure of the significance this has because the sentinels know they are mutants and it was not on all of them, just added for effect I guess. (It could have been done to represent which people are mutants)

Ice man was also a noticeable point. This is because the first time he was killed, a sentinel ripped his head off and crushed it however that should not have been the end of him. This is because he is able to reassemble himself whilst in his ice form due to it being ice. (This is part of his abilities). I mean he would have probably still died but it would have been maid for more sentinel action (which is what we want).

Another point is the way blink died the second time. It was actually pretty sneaky what the writers done, his is because it actually showed blinks death in many of the trailers however we did not actually know she died because they didn't add the sentinels stabbing her, sneaky!

In my last post I stated that some of the effects they used was similar to ones in similar films. Another scene which was familiar was the avengers styled panning, I get that it is a really cool panning effect however the Avengers kind of have dibs on it. Another scene which seemed familiar was when they first showed the ship and they went through all of the internal generators and pipes, I am sorry but this belong to fast and the furious, they originally used this when ever they used "nos" so when it is used in another film t seems cheatful (I am aware that cheatful is not a real word but it should be).

My final point is about Trast. I get the fact that he wants funding for his sentinel program however he walking into a meeting and congratulated the Vietnamese on winning the war, Trast is American so he shouldn't be congratulating his enemy, it is just morally wrong.

Did you guys (and girls) see anything else in the film worth noticing? What did you think of the film? Comment in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe.

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