Transformers: Age Of Extinction Trailer With Breakdown

There  is now another new trailer released for Transformers and it just looks amazing.
There have been other trailers released however I felt like it was practically all the same stuff, just Mark Wahlberg saying "I found a transformer!". However they have redeemed themselves with this trailer (in my opinion).

The general feeling from the previous trailers were that the transformers were being hunted by humans and this trailer confirms that it is in fact true. Whether its because they don't need the Autobots or the humans just fear them? I am not sure, we will just have tow wait and see.

One thing to note is that the Autobots look weak / powerless compared to the villains, especially Optimus who looks like he has lost a bit too much weight. I know they have done that because they want to seem smaller compared to the enemies however its still optimus, we have some form of expectation (big and bulky).
One transformer that I am glad too see is bumblebee, glad to see that he isn't forgotten. The other trailers didn't have him however he is a major fan favourite so there would have been a lot of sad people too see him go. It will be interesting to see how they write him in / explain why he isn't Sam's guardian anymore.

One transformer who looked more like a Decepticon was the Lamborghini Adventador (which look evil enough as they are). It appears once however not again after that.
One point which links to this is the fact that we see Megatron, yet again. He is not killed in this film either suggesting that the Lamborghini deception will revive him, again.

Either way, that Lamborghini transformer looks awesome.

One thing which is kind of confusing is the Dinobots. Previous trailers suggested that they were the main villains however this one shows them fighting side by side with the Autobots (in a way). This is confusing because we see Optimus attacking the T-Rex one quiet a few times which leads me to question if they are just being used. However Optimus says "we need a new army" which suggests that they are in fact working together... Weird.

Also in the trailer we see that transformer with the gun coming out of his face. (hehe, reminds me of a song from Nashville, "Gun for a mouth" by Sam Pallido). It has been mentioned that he is transformer type bounty hunter. There is he question of who sent him however we all care more about what he can do. He looks all powerful, I think he will be like shockwave from Transformers 3, all good and powerful but will eventually have to die.

So guys (and girls), watch the trailer, Comment what you think because we always want to hear. Also do not forget to subscribe!

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