What I hope Arrow doesn't do

I am going to try something new, swerve away from films for one post and enter the world of TV shows. Hope you like it! (possible Arrow and Smallville spoilers but nothing worth not reading this over).
As a long time fan of the TV show Arrow I only want good things for it however I am starting to notice some traps that I really hope they do not fall in to. I have tried my best to keep this minimal because of short attention spans and all...


One major one is to not re-use ( / Recycle) ideas which have been done in other DC shows.

The only other super powered (recent) television show which can be compared to Arrow is Smallville. Now no matter what you think of Smallville, a huge section of it had the green arrow so there is bound to be the off cross over which s fair enough. Obviously Arrow is not based around superman like Smallville was so we get a much more detailed look into the character Green Arrow however there are issues with this.

Smalville was on for around 10 years so they will have used a huge chunk of ideas from the comics which again is fair enough. These shows aren't completely comparable because Arrow has sworn against the use of super powers, however even with this it just seems a bit similar. These familiar points are the use of black canary, flash, the suicide squad, the watch tower and even his back story. (I am not a fool, I can clearly see that this everything I just listed above is key to the green arrow character).

(I am going to focus on the watch tower)

For those of you who do not know, the watch tower was a huge part of Smallville, it was their base of operations for seasons. This is why like me and any other Smallville fan, doesn't want to see the great icon being tarnishes.

In arrow we actually get to see a watch tower like building which is where black canary and Sid like to "hang out". Even though it was blown up by an RPG in the last few episodes of the season, arrow and his team are looking to move out from beneath the night club as stated in the show. My point for this is that I hope that they do not move into the "watch tower" like building for their base of operations because people who are constantly comparing the two shows, it will have a hard time living up to the high standards.







Another "trap" that I have noticed Arrow falling into is that they are ruining characters 

The Black canary is a character which I think Arrow has run away with and made it their own. This black canary "kicks ass" compared to the one in Smallville, but enough about Smallville. Caity Lotz has really made it her own. When they first introduced he in Arrow I was really exited and a little sad when the first time she stated that she was leaving, I was also sad the second time she said she was leaving, and the third time... but she never actually leaves. I am glad she was a more permanent character however the will she wont she leave is getting plain boring.

Also on the point of ruining characters, Laurel! Me and many others out there completely hate the direction she has gone in. I can see that they have done this too adjust the plot however she should just be a kick ass, hot and strong character.  Not the Laurel we now know.

The final trap is Slade

Now we all like a good villain for example the joker or loki, but what we love best is that they can admit defeat. Ok they may come back in the future to fight however they know when to admit defeat. To be honest this show has been great with villains like this such as "the huntress" and "china white" however with Slade, it is another story. At first I thought he was a good villain but then it just changed to he fact he is just plane lucky to be alive in both the past and present. Its just the combination of the two time zones makes it even more frustrating when he comes on the screen. It seems to be OVERKILL!

Now those are just a few ideas I have put forward, comment whether you agree, whether you disagree, What else would you change? Let us know. Also subscribe to get film reviews, often film news and maybe some more TV show rants / reviews.

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