What X-men films count? - Continuity (Theories)

In a recent interview with one of the long time x-men producers it was revealed how days of future past will make sense due to the pending continuity issues (this also applies for x-men: First Class).

The producer said to ignore x-men: Last stand and X-men Origins: Wolverine.   
Why? Because there were lots of continuity issues however the reason for this post is my theories of how it will effect Days of future past. This is an issue because of the butterfly effect!
If we are ignoring x-men: Last stand then theoretically Rogue and magneto will still have their powers. This also, makes around half of my previous posts redundant because I was contemplating how it was possible that they both or if they have their powers.
Another thing that this will affect is Gene and Cyclops. They were both powerful and original x-men and they are not useless, if they were battling sentinel, both of their powers would come in handle especially gene. As they were both very big parts of the x-men franchise, will they have to explain how they died? or will they just ignore them?
On the topic of dead but now not dead x-men, how about mystique? I get the fact that her powers of shape shifting will be useless against sentinels however she still has super human agility which should be fun for escaping.  Also, she was alive in the comics fighting sentinels but not in any of the trailers so this is something they have chosen to alter.
One random point, if rouge still has her powers, it means her and iceman cannot bump uglies (if you know what I mean ;) ). In x-men last stand, it showed ice man and Kitty getting close mainly due to the fact the could not touch rogue however once she got the cure they were stronger then ever (relationship wise).
But now, she would not have gotten the cure. This is just a theory because we don't know what could have happened however in the trailer it shows ice man and kitty together. So did x-men think of this continuity issue or did something happen?

So guys (and girls), tell me what you think of the decision to write x-men last stand and x-men first class off? Are there any other continuity issues due to this? ARE YOU EXITED?! Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe.

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