Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With Wolverine?

So I think we can all agree that the character wolverine is awesome however is he really worth the hype? He is a fan favourite but do you just feel that they have focused on him a little too much?

Thinking to x-men, there are cooler characters then wolverine, as interesting as he is there are cooler. This got me thinking. Is this obsession over wolverine the character and the way he has been portrayed or is it because Hugh Jackman plays him? Would wolverine be nothing without Hugh Jackman or would Hugh Jackman be nothing without wolverine?
He is the only character to play in all x-men films (also with the same actor) however don't you think it is time to give him a smaller part? I mean we are talking about 6 films to date with another 3 coming up. (days of future past, apocalypse and an untitled wolverine). I mean this is up to debate because Hugh Jackmans contract is up after days of future past so this may change.

 I get the fact that wolverine is a key character however I  just feel that he is a bit overused, especially with him being the only one having stand alone films. I would much rather see a new mystique, shadow cat or night crawler stand alone film. Just like give someone else the lime light.

What do you guys (and girls) think? do you also think wolverine is over used? which stand alone films would you like to see? comment below and don't forget to subscribe / +1 the blog.

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