Will Charles Walk In X-men: Days Of Future Past?

This topic has actually sparked quiet a large amount of controversy because as we all know, Charles was shot in x-men: First Class which means he should be in the wheel chair (as his character always has been). However in many of the trailers we see Charles walking around and decking magneto.

This raised the question of "What The Fudge"?
However this has been answered in the clip below.
In basic speaking, he was able to have some form to surgery which enables him to walk however it suppresses the mutant gene meaning he has no powers. (Obviously this will be reversible otherwise there will be some massive continuity issues for every single x-men film).   
This will probably be reversed once he accepts the chair and the leader he can be when he has his abilities... Usual waffle.


So yep, that's the mystery answered. Comment what you think. Are you happy they done this? would you rather see him with his powers and him learning how to advance them?

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