X-men: Days of future past - Mystique is actually pretty important (theory)

Mystique is one of those evil characters that everyone loves, she's just awesome. Although her history has pretty much been reported in the films, especially in X-men: first class, most of us want a stand alone film for her (she is just that good).

It has been stated that mystique plays a massive role in X-men: Days of future past. (Spoiler) It was originally her fault because she killed the scientist who created the sentinel program accidentally triggering it (something along those lines).
Theoretically by stopping Mystique they stop the sentinels (or just prevent them for some time). This could explain why in many trailers magneto is somehow magnetically pulling Mystique towards him / away from the scientist.
After watching this clip below you do get a full sense of her actual importance in triggering the program and that the only way to stop the future is to stop mystique.

One thing though, the trailers show what happens as the sentinels start shooting at humans. Is this just relaying what originally happened to get the current story or does this happen again and they have to find a way to stop the sentinels?

Either way I can't wait for this film to be released. What do you guys think? sSould they just kill Mystique to prevent this from happening? Let us know in the comments below, also do not forget to subscribe.


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