X-men: Days Of Future Past Review (Waffle + Mega)

Ok, you guys (and girls) should know how I roll by now. When I have a lot to say about a film I will split the review into section. 

Section 1 will be the review with no spoilers
Section 2 will be all of the stuff I noticed which deserved commenting on which contains spoilers. (so if you have not seen the film then stop reading.
Section 3 will be about the post credit scene and what it means.

1 (no spoilers)

Summary of Plot
Wolverine must travel back in time in order to stop a sentinel threat which have the capabilities to take out all mutants and even humans. 

What I thought of the film
This film was EPIC! By far the best x-men film in the franchise, it had a great cast which supported the awesome characters. All of the actors really made the characters their own, in particular Jennifer Lawrence with Mystique and Even Peters with Quicksilver. This film honestly had the ability to blow everyones mind (pun intended), the only thing that let it down was the continuous continuity issues which have been haunting this film for many many years.   

Overall I Give X-men Days Of Future Past a 9.6 / 10. I Was very very very impressed, my need for another x-men film was by far met.

2 (Spoilers!)
I am going to start this section to talk about the end of the film. We would have all been completely gutted if they did not actually stop the sentinel threat however they did. Now thought, this means that they have completely rewritten the story. Why bring this up? Because now they are completely free to do what they like, they can go into the future and even go into the past completely free of continuity issues. (NOW THEY CAN MAKE NEW ONES!). This also means that characters such as Gene and Cyclops are alive which I am kind of glad about, also means they can have a remake of Last Stand where the Phoenix can be portrayed slightly better. 

New Characters: The introduction of new mutants is always welcome and this film does not disappoint, especially blink who is now one of my favorites. I enjoyed how much of a role she had to play in the mutants kind of survival. 

One let down that I think this film had was that the original X-men were kind of under used. Colossus and Storm both had big roles however I feel that Kitty and Ice man were very under used, especially Kitty (who is one of my favorites).  I think the largest disappointment though was Rogue. I get the fact that they cant really include her in the future because the way she has been portrayed in the films is as being kind of useless but she did deserve more ten a 2 second appearance (no matter what you think of her as as actress).

One part of the film which was very intense was when Magnito managed to curve the bullet and shoot Mystique (very "Wanted" style). However one thing which the film missed out was Mystiques super human healing power which she has in the comics. I get that it is not as fast as Wolverines but it is still there and the film kind of dragged on her limp. It did go after a wile though so its a bit of a moo point. 

As new as all of the ideas for the scenes for this film was I couldn't help but feel like I had seen some of them before. One in particular was near the end when Magnito held all of the agents hostage with their guns, it just seemed like a copy of that scene from the first X-men (I think). The film also had an essence of the Terminator but that really couldn't be avoided. 

The next scene shows mystique shooting Magnito in the neck and doing some really cool kung fu flips. Magnito says "I thought you were a better shot" and later fly's away. Im sorry but he was shot in the neck, it may have missed all of the vital arteries but it would have still hurt and probably rendered him unable to just walk away.  

One final point is when they showed the x-men (of the future) being attacked by sentinels and storm was speared. Warpath has super human senses therefore is able to sense the sentinels coming however he didn't. I get the fact that sentinels can adapt to kill the mutants and they have stealth capabilities but he couldn't sense them? owch. 

3 (Post credit scene)

After a very very very very very long wait we finally get to see the post credit scene. They really took the name literal as they put it after the very long credits.  I couldn't help but feel they done it deliberately / kind of to take the piss a bit because they know we would stay. Anyway, The post credit scene showed people bowing down to a character moving Pyramids around with its mind.

At first glance I thought it was a woman so scarlet which who did not appear in this film along side of her inseparable twin brother (by the way the magnito joke was very well placed). But after some heavy contiplating I realised that it is in fact a very skinny guy, who is this you may ask? As post credit scenes usually go it teases for the next film. This was in fact the villain Apocalypse who will be the villain in X-men: Apocalypse, thats about it. 

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