3 Days To Kill Review (No Spoilers)

Summary of plot

A CIA agent has been diagnosed as being severely ill and only has a few months to live. these events lead him to reconnect with his daughter however things go wrong when he is offered an experimental drug in exchange to kill, again.

Main cast

Kevin Costner (Ethan) is a very skilled CIA agent however leaves this life behind when he is diagnosed as only having a few months left to live. However when a mysterious (and sexy) woman offers him a life saving experimented drug in exchange for his "services".

Amber Heard (Vivi) is a ruthless, sexy CIA agent who enlists the help of Ethan to finish a mission which was previously compromised.

There is no doubt that Amber heard was the best character, there is just something about her acting ability that when she gets into an action role she concurs all. As I have previously described her, she has a slutty sheek (in a good way ofcourse).

Overall feeling about this film

I really enjoyed it. The action was good, also it was not non existent like in some other films (so there was enough). The film also had a comical factor to it however it was not cheesy so nicely done. All of this combined with Amber Heards give a s**t attitude (due to her acting) made this a enjoyable film

Overall I give 3 days to kill a 8.5 / 10
NOTE! Peugeot (a French manufacturer) being in a film biased in France, kind of cliché.
NOTE! Amber Heard needed more screen time! She's awesome! ;)

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