A Million WAys To Die In The West Review (No Spoilers)

Summary Of Pot:
A small town sheep farmer must step up and protect his new found love from a vicious bandit.

This is a Seth McFarlane film so obviously it is going to be funny, there is however that risk of "oh, I don't like Family Guy therefore I won't enjoy the humour in this". Personally I don't mind. Back to the film, the humour really wasn't that dirty. There was a bit right at the beginning, half way through and towards the end but it actually wasn't bad. Not to the extent where I would take my mother to see this film however it wasn't that bad.

The cast was great, there was Seth Mcfarlane, Liam Nesson, Amanda Syfried who can "tell when its raining by touching her boobs" and that Chick from the Italian Job (Charlize Theron). There was also Sarah Silverman who appears to be in every single film I watch (including heartbreakers which is my favourite!).
There are a few other honourable mentions but I am not going to recite the whole IMDB page.

There is no denying that there are some funny parts to this film; there is also song great gun handling which reminds you of the film Wanted (The incredibly skilled woman teaching the useless man too shoot). One issue that this film did have was the run time. At near enough two hours I just felt that it was a bit of a drag, it was entertaining however it did just drag on a tad.

Overall I Give A Million Ways To Die In The Went A 7.1 / 10.
... I want to re-watch the Italian job now.

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