Born 2 Race: Fast Lane Review (no spoilers)

Sumary of plot
Danny Kruger must now face his toughest challenge in race school when his class fights for the top spot.

This is the sequel of Born 2 Race ( so expectations were high because the first film was so good. This sequel deviated away from the first film by changing into track racing instead of drag racing. This type of change has been done before for example with the fast and furious franchise and it has worked, that however is the only time I am going to mention that franchise in this review because it cannot completely dominate the car racing genre.

One problem with this film, do you ever feel like you are watching a completely different franchise? This is because they completely changed the cast (apart from the girlfriend). To be honest the new cast were better suited to this film compared to the cast from the first film would have been, it was a bit strange but it didn't really bother me as much as I thought it would.  

It does look like they have completely forgotten about the first film due to the change in racing type and cast however there were some aspects (apart form the girlfriend). This was the awesome Subaru. Don't get me wrong, it does look like they have changed that too but its all cool. 
Another element which was unfortunately carried over to this film was the pettiness of the arguments; they are still as pointless and pathetic as they were in the original.

So overall, I can't completely fault this film, apart from the small issues there was nothing major. It had action and enough racing to keep me entertained. As a car mad person I love films like this, especially the Toyota Celica's (I have always had a soft spot for them.

Overall I give Born 2 Race: Fast Lane a 7.8 / 10.

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