Edge Of Tomorrow Review (No Spoilers)

Summary Of Plot:
Sargent Cage must use his new found ability to reset time in order to stop an alien invasion.

I can't review this film without mentioning the cast, I really could not have imagined any one else playing these roles. Tom Cruise was good however Emily Blunt was mind blowing. I haven't really seen her in a major action roll but after seeing edge of tomorrow I am hoping that she has many many more. The smaller roles were also played by some pretty good actors / actresses, one to mention was Madeleine Mantock from the tomorrow people

When I first saw this film I was very exited, I was kind of sceptical about this film because bad effects can really kill an alien film. None of the footage seemed bad however when you are that exited about a film you don't really want it anything to go wrong (or as a normal person would say "flop").

Something which can really hurt an action film is when they lack action for example the amazing spiderman 2 however there is no lack of action. Right from the get go it is insane, completely insane with the action. I could not fault the stunt crew at all. I must also compliment Emily Blunt because she was pregnant during filming but she still looked great, even with a  stunt double.

One last point is similarities. The aliens really reminded me of those from Transformers and the game franchise Crysis. Please do not mistake that point as an accusation of plagiarism as it is not, I am just pointing something out.


Overall What I Thought Of Edge Of Tomorrow

If you could not tell I absolutely loved this film, I was extremely excited for this film and I was not disappointed at all. The aliens, action, plot,  acting and effects were all brilliant. Can't wait for this to come out of DVD! I wish the film had ended a few minutes before it did (you will see what I mean) but I am not going to let it drag me down.

I give Edge Of Tomorrow an 8.8 / 10, brilliant film!

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