Friends With Benefits Waffle review (No Spoilers)

The plot is pretty much what it says in the title, like batman, you know the film will be about batman. This film is about two friends with benefits (If you don't understand what that means then you probably shouldn't watch the film).

On the topic of benefits, this really isn't a film too see with your parents in the same room, you don't exactly see anything sexual however its a bit embracing. Its funny but when you are in that awkward situation it really isn't. 

Moving on from the sexual parts of a sexual film, the cast. It was great! It had Emma stone was awesome even though she had a small role (I have a bit of a soft spot for Emma Stone), Mila Kunis was awesome, she really suited this part. Justin Timberlake was good too. They had some other big characters that you recognise but just can't place their name.

As this film is a comedy it would be a crime to not mention the jokes. I must give credit where credit is due, the writers done a really good job, the jokes were tasteful but dirty at the same time, exactly what you need with a film like this.  

I really did enjoy this film, the cast was great and the script was nicely written so what else do you need?

I give Friends With benefits a 8.2 / 10.

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