New Teenage Mutant ninja turtles Film Trailer witha few comments

The link below will take you the new teenage mutant ninja turtles trailer. When the first trailer was released I was really exited however after watching this I am not sure why. Sure the action looks good and it was based on some of my favourite childhood characters but honestly, it has lost its appeal to me. I just feel that they have made this film look too serious that it is entering the cinemas as a parody GI JOE.

The little kid inside of me wants to jump at it and that's what I think they are aiming for, little kids. In one instance it just doesn't look like a film that they want to be taken seriously however in the next it has all of the functions of a good sci-fi action film.
I am not really sure if this was the correct franchise to make into a film; after all we don't want a repeat of that dreadful super Mario film.

Maybe I am being too hard on the film, tell us what you think in the comments below. Aldo don't forget to share and subscribe.

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