New Transformers: Age Of Extinction Clip with theories

This scene may look familiar as parts of it have been in all of the trailers however this is it in full. This is the scene in which Mark Wahlberg realises that he has found a transformers however the big question is what happened to Optimus Prime?

My first theory was that he had in fact ran out of energon (which was stated as something which could happen in transformers 3). However after watching this clip it is pretty clear that it was due to a massive fight. We have seen in Transformers 2 that Optimus Prime is not invincible even though he appears to be.
According to all of the trailers the film starts with the transformers being hunted down extremely ruthlessly (which is also what gets Mark Wahlberg involved) so this brings up the theory that Optimus Prime was in this state due to humans hunting him down, throw in the fact that he cannot harm humans makes it a pretty uneven fight.
The only issue I have with this is that human weapons appear to do jack against the Autobot / Decepticon armour unless there is a lot of concentrated fire which means that there would be more then a gapping hole in his chest.

So the damage caused the wiring and stuff to go bonkers? however it would take more then that to destroy Optimus, say Megatron's blade going through his heart?
Those are a few theories which have many issues with them however which transformer film actually makes sense? (I am talking about plot development). Looks like we will just have to wait and see when the film comes out in the coming weeks.

So watch the clip and comment below what you think, let us know your theories, do they correspond with mine? are you exited about this film? Do you want Megan Fox back as much as I do?
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PS - How does that battery make Optimus Prime work? Does it contain Energon?

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