The Expendibles 3 first trailer with a few comments

There is now the first trailer for the expendables three is released and at first glance, it looks pretty much the same as the others... Things go BOOM!!!!! (Which is not a bad thing).
The expendables franchise is known mindless action, making things blow up and making famous people kill famous people. It looks like they are sticking with that, just a bit more oomph.

One thing to notice in the fast and furious style credits that this will in fact be the last Expendables film. It does make you feel a bit cold inside to know its going to all be over but really, how much more could they blow up? (in no way or form was that a dare).

My final point is they done what the film franchise's do when they have no ideas for a new film, they throw a new cast at the film so we end up with a mission impossible / GI Joe style film. At least the expendables have the decency to bring the old cast back in what looks like a massive fight scene or a final send off if you will. One thing that separates the expendables from the other films is that this will be the first time EVER that they have a girl on their team! It almost deserves a :-O emoji.

Click on the link below, comment here what you think, are you sad too see the Expendables off? what people would you have preferred too see in this film?

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