A nightmare on elm street review 2010 (No Spoilers)

Summary of plot:
A group of teenagers suffer a series of nightmares which eventually lead to death. None of them know what is happening however they suspect something far more sinister is happening.

This film was pretty weird for me. I have to start by saying that I have not seen the original version however I just get the feeling that Michael Bay killed the film (UK meaning of killed it - "ruined it". Not US meaning of killed it - "awesome"). I have read many sources which says the original version is much better and this doesn't surprise me.

Apart from having an all star cast, I just didn't feel scared. I felt that the producers were more focused on making the effects really good instead of making the audience scared. Don't get me wrong the effects were brilliant; just didn't feel like they didn't belong in a horror film. More like they belonged in a Transformers film (thank you Michael Bay). I hate to nag about the effects but some of them did just ruin it, I get a horror film is not meant to be realistic however some effects pushed the boundaries and made me question why they even bothered.

Overall I felt let down by this film. It stumbled into scream territory where it was trying to be a horror but ended up making me laugh instead. It should have made me fear going to sleep but instead it made me dislike Michael Bay.

Overall I Give A Nightmare On Elm Street a 4.9 / 10.

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